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How are you today

On her worst days

She almost dies inside

Holding her breath

No time to bide

On her bad days

She can’t even bear her reflection

No good deed or compliment

Will change her perception

On the okay days

She gives a half hearted smile

Tries to listen to her head

And not let her mind run a mile

On the good days

She doesn’t fake a smile

She doesn’t force a laugh

Or let her thoughts linger for a while

On the great days

She feels she deserves to be loved

She stands up for herself

Telling the world she’s enough

On the best days

She’s on top of the world

Thinks just about herself

Like she’s the only girl


Wandering foreign lands

Lost in thought

Trying to lose deadweight

Peace is sought

Acknowledging the bravery

Of being hundreds of miles away from home

Shedding any anxiety

Of feeling alone

Big ventures feeling so small

Fleeting comments seem to explode

So much beauty passes those eyes

Make sure you keep them open wide

Be present

Be mindful

Be here

This is the life worth living

Wander lustfully

Live big

Wandering the world alone

Tales of love

Sweet irony

Like a Shakespeare teaching

Woven with Greek tragedy

Heroic tendencies

Tripped up by a fatal flaw

Impending catastrophe

Fate meets applause

These myths of romance

Never end in a fairy tale

Keeping hope alive

Leading all on an endless trail

Of failed promises


A lack of passion

And undying connection

A heart praying for understanding

And reflection

Only human

Sometimes you have to break your own heart

You have to cry out every last fear, hurtful comment and failure

You have to say no to those that are pushing you to your limits

We are only human

We’re not perfect

We won’t always understand each other

We’ll get angry the other can’t see through our eyes

But we can love with so much good in our hearts

So next time you’re angry, annoyed or hurt

Remember you’ve survived every bad day up until now

No failure or fear has crushed you so far

You can defeat your demons

This pain is insignificant in the grand scheme of things

Leave behind the past

Don’t anticipate the future

Be present


We used to pick each other up

Elevate each other to different dimensions

Fighting the good fight

The dream team

You looked into my eyes with purpose

And we told each other how lucky we were to have found one another

The way I feel hasn’t wavered

Pretty sure I’d stay all day, all night

You are my best friend

I trust you with my life

My heart is heavy

I can feel we’re both lost

I just want you to reach out for my hand

And we’ll go wandering into the dark night together

You sob is so bittersweet

It’s the first time I have felt you feel rawly in months

But my heart aches hearing you choke up

And apologise

I realise

You’re just as exhausted as me

You just have a better poker face

You play a good game

I almost bought into your bluff

You’re drained and tired of being the only one leaned on

Like me, the weight on your shoulders has started to ache

The responsibility starts to lacerate

No quiet

Not one second to breathe

Feel like you could burst

With nothing to appease

Finding sanctuary

His squinty, smiling eyes

trace the shape of her rouged mouth

As his lips curl up

she leans in closer

Pressing her head against his chest

He runs his fingers through her hair

which washes over her

Like the tide over golden sands

This is her haven

A little piece of paradise

Within her local hell


through a shared silence

and telling facial expressions

It feels like a bubble

Muting the outside chaos

That has been boiling up

This company

Halts the disorder

Putting it on a simmer

As his hands run up

along her side

She feels every word

He’s never said

Stroked on her skin

How he paints on this glow

With nothing more than a smile

She’ll never know


Like a child with a balloon

I’ve reached out more times than you know

As we’ve felt the wind pushing us apart

I’ve held my breath

Anxious and scared

When I’m at the peak

And start to feel everything tumble

Just being close to you

One breath on my neck

Hand on my leg

Clasp of my hand

And I’m grounded

The safest place is by your side

When you lay next to me

Holding my hand as we drift off

I never want to let go