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Remembering Rita

Rita, Walter and Diane

Reunited at last

Here’s some family memories

A little blast from the past

Barry White songs fill the house as she cleans

Turkish night club adventures

Earning her the name disco queen

Taking her girls to London

To sight see the city

Twisting Jock’s arm to learn to drive

Oh what a pity

Micra and fiesta adventures

Made many of us laugh

Just as much as when Walter

Mistook her potatoes for instant mash

This power house woman drove her daughter in labour

Through stormy weather, what a saviour

Through her loss she found love

Teddy bear was the apple of her eye

As were her feline friends

Later in life

Karate chop curtain falls and stair lift rides

Always resulting in a grandchild beaming with pride

Summer house, home cooked chips

And playing dominoes

Getting myself trapped in the downstairs loo

Door breakdown, everyone full of oh O’s

Braving college and solo holidays

Who would have thought

Ever changing hair colour

Every cleaning product she bought

Singing while she hoovers

‘Cutting apples’ in the car

Feeding the kids mini pizzas and frozen mars bars

With her avid QVC shipping

The postie soon learnt her name

A massive Martina Cole book fan

Who could blame

Now I’ll close this poem

Sending all our love

Hoping you’re some place better

Or looking down from above

Mother, grandma, great gran

And friend to plenty

Rita Richardson

You’ll be missed by many

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