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In the dark

Dark days are upon us
Smoke clouds the honest
Shrouded in misery
Up climbs the poison ivy
Suffocated by the strain
No one hears the call of pain
Hanging on by a thread
Slumber only leads to dread
Fountain of self doubt
Pouring out of every spout
Shadow cast in hidden places
Where no one ever faces
A cold chill begins to linger
You can feel it in your fingers
Shivers down your spine
Until someone finally calls time
Making for shelter
Hoping this isn't helter skelter


Under pressure

All these changes

You start to drown

Trying to stay afloat

And not to frown

All of this pressure

Being applied

Picking up the slack

With no guide

Feeling so lost

can't digest

All of this work

Leaving stressed

Even birthday breaks

And annual leave

Still left defeated

On my knees

Sleepless nights

Breed a short fuse

Making it hard

To ever be amused

The build up of frustration

Tears you down

The amount of responsibility

Still a high mound

Left crying and baffled

By those who can manage

Leading to two weeks

Dragged off by the crazy carriage

Mean girls

For all the broken sleep, awkward encounters and no replies

Not a fair exchange, for all the hurt, anger and lies

Wracking yourself with guilt, for something you don’t feel is worth fixing

All for a friendship you haven’t even been missing

It lacked support, interaction and worse an interest from both sides

Any smart person would choose to cut the ties

The lack of communication did hinder

Only for them to listen to a chinese whisper

Not even enough faith to ask another opinion

Well it’s no surprise from a queen bee’s minion

A year on…

So many memories

Crammed into 1 year

All the tiffs & squabbles

Just seem to disappear

All your flaws

Only temporarily exist

until you do something

That leaves me feeling pissed

For all the nags

I apologise

Some days I wish

I could see through your eyes

I’m so thankful for your patience

and heart of gold

all the affection

& hand holds

Some days are amazing

Like a dream

Others we have to work at

As they aren’t what they seem

Although you always know

I’ll never give up on you

Always continue fighting

Knowing we’ll make it through

As to me you are

my everything

My shoulder to cry on

Your queen, my king

You know me

Like no other

A best friend, soulmate

And a lover

Let’s take this time

To appreciate how lucky we are

To re-meet

In that dive of a bar

To coincidental meetings

Second chances

Years gone by

To full blown romances

I give you my heart

So keep it safe

It’s never felt so comfortable

In time or space

Love is

Love isn’t 

making excuses for the behaviour of others

Love isn’t 

sharing your partner with another

Love isn’t  

a forced interest as she likes it

Love isn’t 

Snooping around a bit

Love isn’t 

knowing where they always are

Love isn’t 

Giving in before it goes to far

Love is

Disagreements with comprise

Love is 

Seeing things eventually from the other side

Love is

Never giving up

Love is 

Knowing you’re always enough

Love is 

Always patient, effortless and certain

Love is

Never a choice between you and another person

Love is

What makes the world go round

Love is

Sometimes lost but always found

Love is everything

Love can be yours

Love is timeless

Opening so many doors

Love is immortal

And always in our hearts 

No matter 

How far apart 

Unrest at its best 

Long days

Infuriating conversations

Someone else’s troubles 

Unexpected situations

Restless, tired

And unwilling to apologise

For other actions

That seem dramatised

So much tough love 

In an insensitive world

Barely pleases or thanks

Only wisdom pearls

Empathy and sympathy 

Everyone seems to lack

No longer giving anyone a break

Or cutting any slack

We’re all human

Having our limits

I thought before now

I’d probably hit it

So when you feel like

You’re on the edge

Take a step back

From the ledge

Stop thinking

And just let go

Of any negative seeds

Others try to sow

Breathe out the bad

Inhaling the peace

Until negativity energy

Does cease 

Nothing is worth your tears

If it does not break your heart

Imagine your life love

And you being a part

Losing family

Or not taking a chance

Only entertain 

Those that would enhance

Make your life worth living

Give you extra direction

Who would always share love

And an undying affection

Don’t forget Pay it forward

The love you receive

What you receive back

You’ll never believe 

Scooter kid & Stevie

Years go
he had a crush from a far
not saying a word
just wishing upon a star
he would notice your smile
make small talk in the canteen
picking up on the things you said
not wanting to come across as keen
‘Damp dog’ she said
he told the kids
if he denied the attraction
it would have only been fibs
One work do outing
he plucked up the courage
and who knew
it would end up in marriage
Now years on
you’ve sussed out his ways
made little changes
brightened his days
embraced his awkward
loved his beard
bossed his boots
called him weird
To us, you are a second mother
full of pride
celebrating every step
and every stride
Putting up with tears and tantrums
from us all alike
we know it’s not
been an easy ride
so thank you for sticking by him
and us for all this time
you really are a step mother
made of the sublime

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