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Fall from grace

In between healing her heart and finding herself, she stumbled across him

He needed a hand getting back up

They dug deep for strength and lifted each other up

Little did they know they would get so high they would end up on cloud 9

Something special, one of a kind

Patiently taking their time, to enhance each other’s lives

Slowly dropping their guard, starting to ask each other why

Not expecting what came next

A close bond, best friends in every respect

Falling for a partner in crime

Knowing they’ve still got a mountain to climb

Scared, excited and slightly apprehensive 

Listening, learning and not being so defensive 

Holding out a hand when the other needs it most 

Not being afraid to open up and pull the other close


The tale of a gentlewoman

All she ever wanted

was to give her heart to a deserving suitor

Her prized possession

had a little wear and tear

but was still fully functioning

Most wanted one with all the bells and whistles

but she was waiting for a man

that wanted an old antique with some charm

Her heart was sore

she didn’t know how to feel anymore

Lump in her throat, it was hard to breathe

wishing everyone would just leave

so much chatter in her head

trying not to see red

She heard the cries

and whispers in the wind

Not sure of which way she was going

she took a deep breath

and told herself it didn’t matter

as long as she didn’t stop

They met in a dark place

the shadows made it hard to see

So many times they stumbled

but patience and communication were key

She intently listened

held her hand out for him to find

Knew she should share her thoughts

as he couldn’t read her mind

Her face trembled

as the tears brimmed to the top

She’d been holding it together so long

she was ready to pop

She put on a brave face

as he pulled her close

Baby, what’s wrong?

tears streamed like she’d just seen a ghost

Chalk and cheese

How long were we broken for?

Happy memories so hard to recall

We moved to different rhythms

One the river, gushing fast

The other a gust of wind, which occasionally passed

Finding solace in the strangest places

No longer recognising the familiar faces

Almost a sentence we committed ourselves too

relentless misery through and through

Not implying one was solely to blame

hanging on in selfishness and vain

One too cowardly to admit

the other too scared to deal with it

from the outside it seems so easy to do

but how do you leave someone who loves you

forced to say there is nothing left

that we tried our best I guess

to realise you were never well matched

that you be happier alone, that’s a fact

when all the effort is for nothing

all the threats, you were never bluffing

all things we shouldn’t have said

all in anger and feeling misled

it was not who we are, just the situation

only saying things out of mere frustration

but it’s okay, we can let it go

those times are from a stone throw





Don’t let go

Sometimes we see the murky

Picture things that would break

The closest hearts

We imagine empty spaces

Things that would make

Others fall apart

We wish the worst

Things we could never tell a soul

Thinking taboo thoughts

That would only leave damning holes

For many it seems selfish

Whereas it’s merely misunderstood

How someone is feeling

Only pondering what could

It’s hard being your own worst critic

Even harder trying to explain

Always feeling rather awkward

Never any plain sail

So when things are tough

And you feel like you can’t go on

Hold on tight

look out for the shining sun

No smoke without fire

Lingering embers sting

Although the love was extinguished a while ago

You never forget the heat of being burnt

Like a lesson, reminder to not get to close to the flame

It’s so hard not to take the risk

And expose yourself to something so warm, familiar

Without it, you can feel so alone

Cold. In the depths of the iceiest thoughts




Darker than a moonless sky
The night engulfs her
The cold breeze hits her face
Sending her cheeks flushed pink
You can see the glaze in her eyes
As the street light catches a glimpse
Shivers travel down her spine
As she weaves in and out of the passersby
Finally alone
So quiet she can hear her own heart beat
Thumping in her throat
Pacing quickly
Looking back
Shadows follow her every move
She slips out of sight
Safe in between dusk and dawn
Footsteps creep
The door locks
She holds her breath

The creak of the door
Fills the empty silence
Hearing thoughts
Smelling fear
Reeking of desperation
Terror is reflected in her eyes

Whispers of light trickle across the room
Slipping through the curtains
Dripping under the door frames
Flickers of hope scurry past




I breath you in and I breath you out
An addiction I couldn’t live without
I tried to kick you, I succumb every time
Always ending in matter over mind
I tried to go cold turkey and others fed me
I tried a new vice and it didn’t suffice
They said in time I’d be okay
That didn’t take the pain away
So many times I fell off the wagon
So many times I began to sadden
Reruns of memories that were happier times
So many nightmares of my demise
Some days I feel like you’re still under my skin
That I’m poisoned, from within

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