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Novembre 13

Pained screams
And yet a deadly silence fills the air
Many around
Surrounded by fear
Noises that halt bystanders
Flashes of orange and blue
Desperate family
Trying to locate you
Mistaken car backfire
Hiding in the shadows
Screams to get down
Terror follows
Emergency calls
Empty faces
People everywhere
Trying to cover all bases
Cries of heartbreak
Tears of relief
Utter shell shock
pure disbelief
Ultimate bravery
From hostages and emergency service
Fight, freeze or flight
All asking what’s the purpose
Hundreds injured
130 innocent lives taken
Paris will never be the same
We can’t be mistaken
Remember the names of those lost
Rather than focus on the hate
Celebrate their lives
Rather than promoting a terror debate
Make love not war
Cherish what you have got
Novembre 13
Those taken will never be forgot


Born to be Wilde

While laying in the gutter
He taught us to look at the stars
To only be ourselves
And not love from afar
To live
not just exist
As for temptation, not to resist
Forgive your enemies
Keep love in your heart
That being loved
means you’re not poor for a start
That through a mask
We tell the truth
All women become their mother’s
We’re all living proof
That it’s better to be spoken of
That not at all
Hearts are made to be broken
And summers collapse
Into fall
That we don’t love someone
For clothes or appearance
That San Francisco is the location of disappearance
Experience is what we name our mistakes
You can pretend to have intelligence but wit you can’t fake
This wondrous wordsmith
Captured many a tale
Timeless words
Which never fail
To fill many with wit and wonder
And to make many mind ponder

Friends by association

Chest pulsation
Heart palpitation
Over whelming frustration
Body is just shaken
Trying to curb the agitation
Without Sleep deprivation
Needing to feel the elation
Without putting in the preparation
A reoccurring situation
Connection starvation
Undue hesitation
Considering your reputation
As well potential sensation
And other exploration
Using your imagination
impending cultivation
In any future relations
It’s only a matter of duration
And deciding on location
That comes into the equation
To whether it ends in celebration
Or unwanted aggravation
For now it’s only a consideration
Of what could look like desperation


The Bay

You push your feet into the sand
Feel the heat as it beats down on your face
You stroll down to the water
Every hair out of place
The gentle breeze tries to linger
You beg for it stay
Skin starts to tingle
Suncream keeping the freckles at bay
So much laughter
Heard over the waves as they crash down
Footprints disappear
Squinty eyes, no one wearing a frown
Headphones in with music on
Daydreams take you away
Nowhere else you’d rather be
Than on a beach in Byron bay


One way single

Where to begin

don’t know where to start

Probably best

With the broken heart

No one did any wrong

No one lost any trust

Taking different directions

This departure was a must

Took longer for one

To read between the lines

Trying hard to salvage

Love left in our minds

It always lingered

In the back of our heads

Were we compatible

Or just lonely instead

Trying to fill a void

And not waste our years

We clung on for dear life

Out of fear

Finally it was so obvious

It was a slap in the face

This upset and anger

Was displaced

Eyes opened

Making a leap of faith

One you were too scared

To ever make

Now it’s over

We can sigh a huge relief

No fear, upset or anger left

Only disbelief

So easy to hold on

For the wrong reasons

Nothing ever changed

As we moved through the seasons

So we take our time

To say one last goodbye

Disappear without a trace

No word of a lie

In the dark

Dark days are upon us
Smoke clouds the honest
Shrouded in misery
Up climbs the poison ivy
Suffocated by the strain
No one hears the call of pain
Hanging on by a thread
Slumber only leads to dread
Fountain of self doubt
Pouring out of every spout
Shadow cast in hidden places
Where no one ever faces
A cold chill begins to linger
You can feel it in your fingers
Shivers down your spine
Until someone finally calls time
Making for shelter
Hoping this isn't helter skelter

Under pressure

All these changes

You start to drown

Trying to stay afloat

And not to frown

All of this pressure

Being applied

Picking up the slack

With no guide

Feeling so lost

can't digest

All of this work

Leaving stressed

Even birthday breaks

And annual leave

Still left defeated

On my knees

Sleepless nights

Breed a short fuse

Making it hard

To ever be amused

The build up of frustration

Tears you down

The amount of responsibility

Still a high mound

Left crying and baffled

By those who can manage

Leading to two weeks

Dragged off by the crazy carriage

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