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Remembering Rita

Rita, Walter and Diane

Reunited at last

Here’s some family memories

A little blast from the past

Barry White songs fill the house as she cleans

Turkish night club adventures

Earning her the name disco queen

Taking her girls to London

To sight see the city

Twisting Jock’s arm to learn to drive

Oh what a pity

Micra and fiesta adventures

Made many of us laugh

Just as much as when Walter

Mistook her potatoes for instant mash

This power house woman drove her daughter in labour

Through stormy weather, what a saviour

Through her loss she found love

Teddy bear was the apple of her eye

As were her feline friends

Later in life

Karate chop curtain falls and stair lift rides

Always resulting in a grandchild beaming with pride

Summer house, home cooked chips

And playing dominoes

Getting myself trapped in the downstairs loo

Door breakdown, everyone full of oh O’s

Braving college and solo holidays

Who would have thought

Ever changing hair colour

Every cleaning product she bought

Singing while she hoovers

‘Cutting apples’ in the car

Feeding the kids mini pizzas and frozen mars bars

With her avid QVC shipping

The postie soon learnt her name

A massive Martina Cole book fan

Who could blame

Now I’ll close this poem

Sending all our love

Hoping you’re some place better

Or looking down from above

Mother, grandma, great gran

And friend to plenty

Rita Richardson

You’ll be missed by many

Last night

Last night

You were here

Holding my hand in bed before we fell asleep

Last night

I heard you tell me you love me

Last night

I felt you arms around me

Your face pressed up against mine beaming with delight

I’ve been trying to fill the void that is our memories

I’ve been tuning out the words you once whispered

But my heart hasn’t forgotten

Each thump reminding me

Each gasp even more breathing taking than the next

In another time and space

You’re in love with an idea of us

An alternate universe

Where you don’t get angry

And I don’t cry

Where we laugh

And smile

Where I’m always calm

And you don’t lie

You’re in love with a girl

That doesn’t exist

One who’s happiness persists

You’re in love with an idea

That’s counterproductive

Painful and soul destructive

With a heavy heart

Just because someone carries pain well

Doesn’t mean it’s not heavy

You shouldn’t have to suffer

Before you’re appreciated or loved

Someone should want you as you are

You shouldn’t have to continuously remind someone why you should be loved

What your worth

To make you a priority

Don’t beg for their heart, time or consideration

It will end in two losses, they lose you and you lose your former self

Fresh eyes

You’re telling me of your pain

How much you’re hurting

How difficult things are

Pointless apologies

As you don’t even know why you’re sorry

Vague thank yous

Appreciation for things you can’t even list

You don’t miss me

You miss what I did for you

Things are difficult

Because you miss the company

And having someone to care

It’s a selfish kind of pain

You haven’t acknowledged your loss

You haven’t reflected on why

You haven’t dug deep and thought about anyone but yourself

I’m looking deep though

I’m watering myself

And watching myself grow


I’m understanding my flaws

Being honest with myself

Not rushing anymore

I’m becoming the right person

Not looking for one

Finding things that make me happy

Setting the bar high

For myself and my future

I’m civil and polite to you

I care still so wish you the best but I don’t need to tell you that

You know from my actions and the many times I told you

Thank you for all the memories

All the pain that made me stronger

And the lessons you taught me

I have no hate

I’m just investing all that love in myself these days

Garden her

No one has to understand your choices

Your anger

Your pain

Your happiness

Focus on a better life

A better you

Do all the things you really want to do

In elation

And in fear

Hold hands with fate

Take the rough with the smooth

Let life just happen

The struggles melt away

Change the environment

And watch this flower bloom

I am trying

I am insecure

I am scared

I do make excuses

I do take things too personally

I can be unreasonable

I can be exasperating

I do argue

And take things the wrong way

I talk way too much

And go over things, wanting clarity when the other person just wants it to be done

When I’m frustrated, I don’t listen

I interrupt, raise my voice

Sometimes I don’t think before I speak

I’m bad at articulating myself

I’m an anxious person

I overthink

I sometimes don’t give people enough space

I ask for reassurance a lot which can hurt people

I cry when I’m angry, mainly with myself

Nobody criticises me the way I do

I am human

I am always willing to grow

I do want to be better and change

I reflect all the time

I try to come up with solutions even if I struggle to always execute them well

I love fiercely

I want to see people happy even if that means them not wanting to be in my life

I will hold my hands up

I am trying to learn from my mistakes

I am trying to learn self love

I am trying

How are you today

On her worst days

She almost dies inside

Holding her breath

No time to bide

On her bad days

She can’t even bear her reflection

No good deed or compliment

Will change her perception

On the okay days

She gives a half hearted smile

Tries to listen to her head

And not let her mind run a mile

On the good days

She doesn’t fake a smile

She doesn’t force a laugh

Or let her thoughts linger for a while

On the great days

She feels she deserves to be loved

She stands up for herself

Telling the world she’s enough

On the best days

She’s on top of the world

Thinks just about herself

Like she’s the only girl


Wandering foreign lands

Lost in thought

Trying to lose deadweight

Peace is sought

Acknowledging the bravery

Of being hundreds of miles away from home

Shedding any anxiety

Of feeling alone

Big ventures feeling so small

Fleeting comments seem to explode

So much beauty passes those eyes

Make sure you keep them open wide

Be present

Be mindful

Be here

This is the life worth living

Wander lustfully

Live big

Wandering the world alone

Tales of love

Sweet irony

Like a Shakespeare teaching

Woven with Greek tragedy

Heroic tendencies

Tripped up by a fatal flaw

Impending catastrophe

Fate meets applause

These myths of romance

Never end in a fairy tale

Keeping hope alive

Leading all on an endless trail

Of failed promises


A lack of passion

And undying connection

A heart praying for understanding

And reflection

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